Tan Ky Ready - Mixed Concrete And Pre- Fabricated JSC

To be one of the subsidiaries of the Tan Ky Construction Real Estate Corporation, Tan Ky ready –mixed Concrete & Pre-farbricated J.S.C was established on June 25, 2009.

      Authorized Capital: VND 5 billions.

      Director: Mr Nguyen Huu Vinh.

      Scopes of business: manufacturing ready-mixed concrete and the products from cement, gypsum; trading building materials, building accessories; constructing houses, roads, civil works; installing drainage systems; technical  testing and analsyse; leasing machines and building equipments..

      Address: 63 Ung Van Khiem Streest, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCM City.

      Tel: 08 38991172

      Fax: 08 38991033

     Tax Code: 0309205115

     Bank Account: 11421692116013. Techcombank, Viet Nam.

     The factory is now under construction. It will be ready to work in November 2009.

     Total Investment: VND 15 billions.