The Splendor Nha Be District

a. Description
- This 21-storey-apartment building is located in the residential building overall project invested by Thanh Nhut Co., Ltd. at Phuoc Kieng Commune, Nha Be Province.

- The land of this project is in the South East area (13,500 m2), adjacent to Phuoc Kieng – Nhon Duc New Urban Project invested by GS Co.

Picture: 3-D View of The Splendor Nha Be District

b. Legality of Project
The project is carried out based on:
- The Principle Contract between Thanh Nhut J.S.C and Tan Ky Construction Real Estate Trading Corporation.
- Document No. 8590/UBND-ĐTMT dated December 11,2007 by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee
- Document No. 682/SQHKT-QHKV1 dated 05/03/2008 by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Architecture

c. Type & size of Project

  • Lateral area of building: 13.500m2
  • Construction area: 3.468,6m2
  • Usable floor area: 66.153,1m2
  • Rated Population size: 1.440 person
  • Number of apartments: 360 units
  • Factor of building: 9,4m2/person
  • Coefficient of territory utilization: 5
  • Building Density: 25,7%
  • Max level: 21 stories
  • Max building height: 77m
  • Setback:  8m (min)

d. Estimated Investment Capital of Project:
VND 600 billions

e. Master schedule Project
- This 21-storey-apartment building invested by Thanh Nhut J.S.C has been currently in process of architectural design adjustment due to the changes of the number of stories from 9 to 21 as the request approved by the City People's Committee in the Document No. 8590/UBND-DTMT on December 11, 2007
- Planned Starting date: December, 2010
- Estimated time for completion: June, 2013