The Splendor Thu Duc District

- With the fact that the Ho Chi Minh City population density and construction density are significantly growing, the average increase of the population is 3,4%/year; while apartment building speed does not keep up, head area decreases. Therefore, it is necessary to construct the high rise buildings, especially in Thu Duc district. It will help the city to implement some key projects in the urban embellishment of the city in a some districts, contribute to gradually complete the planning of urban development of the Thu Duc district.  This is also in comply with the government policy of population slackening.
- After the success of the SPLENDOR Go Vap District, Tan Ky Construction Real Estate Trading Corporation has planned to invest and to construct an other apartment building. This apartment building will be fully equipped with necessary services to create the best living environment for the residents but the cost is still reasonable. That is the reason why the SPLENDOR Thu Duc District is carried out for the above purpose.

- This project is located in the development planning area of Thu Duc District (the administrative region of Thu Duc District in the future) which is full of public facilities. It will be an ideal place for people living here.

 Picture: 3-D View of The Splendor Thu Duc District

Type and size of Project:

  • Total area of slab: 4,038.5m2
  • Construction area: 1,895.04 m2
  • Parking area: 1.311,84 m¬¬2.
  • Building includes: 1 ground floor, 17 stories, 1 terrace roof, 2 staircase roofs, and 353 apartments from 01 to 03 bedrooms

- Besides the luxury apartment for the purpose of residential security, there are other projects for regional utility services, commercial malls, supermarkets, restaurants, community room, entertainment center...
- The project is scheduled to start in April, 2010.
- Project duration: about 20 months.
- Total capital Investment: VND 180 billions.

Picture: area of The Splendor