Vien Ngoc Phuong Nam Luxury Apatment

After finishing the package “Construct the Basements”, on November 11.2010, Tan Ky Construction Real Estates Trading Corporation has signed an other contract with An Dien Construction Investment Joint-Stock Company for the package “Construct the Frameworks (Superstructure & Plastering work and brick work of the whole building with 2 basements) of Vien Ngoc Phuong Nam Luxury Apartment”.

- Construction area: 4690 m2, 2 basements, 2 mezzanines, 18 stories
- Contract value: VND103 billion
- Location: Au Duong Lan Street, Ward 2, District 8
- Construction duration: 12 months.


Picture: 3-D View of Vien Ngoc Phuong Nam Luxury Apartment