Sunrise Riverside

  • Package: Structural & Finish works (Lot G1 & G4)
  • Client: NOVALAND

Eastin Easy Hotel

  • Package: Basement & Structural work
  • Client: AUTOCO Nha Trang

Sunshine Apartment

  • Package: Foundation, Basement and Structural
  • Client: Van Gia Long Investment - Construction Corporation

Schools of North American (SNA)

  • Package: D&B general contractor
  • Client: Nguyen Hoang Investment Group

Ocean Gate Hotel & Residence

  • Package: Basement, Structural and Finishing work
  • Client: Van Phong Development & Investment JSC

United Kingdom Academy (UKA)

  • Package: D&B general contractor
  • Client: Nguyen Hoang Investment Group

Tan Son Nhat Convention Center

  • Package: Structural construction and finishing works
  • Client: Tay Nam Co., Ltd

Newton Residence

  • Package: Foundation, basement, structural construction and finishing works
  • Client: NOVALAND


  • Package: Structural & Finishing works
  • Client: Dai Quang Minh

Hong Bang International University

  • Package: Basement and RC work
  • Client: Hong Bang International University

International School - HCMC

  • Package: Basement, structural, finishing and M&E works.
  • Client: Toan Viet J.S.C

Swisstouches La Luna Resort

  • Package: Foundation, structural & finishing works.
  • Client: Marina Hotel J.S.C

Holiday Beach Hotel (Phase 2)

  • Package: Superstructural & finishing works
  • Client: Hoa Ky J.S.C

Kingston Residence

  • Package: Foundation, Basement, Structural & Finishing works
  • Client: NOVALAND

Bia Tiep restaurant

  • Package: Superstructure works
  • Client: TANAMEXCO

Cityland garden hills (townhouses)

  • Package: Construction & finishing works – Lot G4.1 - G4.16 & G5.1-G5.17; A6.2, A6.4, A6.5, A4.8, A4.9; L33.3-L33.14 and Lot B&D
  • Client: Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd