Dona Standard Footwear Factory - Phase II

  • Package : The whole factory - Phase II
  • Scale : 17 ha, including factory, office, dormitory, associated works and infrastructure
  • Location : Dong Nai
  • Client : Feng Tay Group, Hong Kong.
  • Year : 2008
  • Progress : Completed
Photos Construction updates

- On the morning of June 17, 2008, Dona Footwear Standard Factory has officially commenced in Phase 2

- Tan Ky Construction Real Estate Trading Corporation is the main contractor of this factory in Phase 1 with scope of 17 ha including items: Factory Building, Office Building, Expert Building, addition items and facilities of phase I contract valued more 8 million USD. Phase II contract with similar scope in the rest soil of contract valued 11 million USD has the work period expected 10 months. Attending the Ceremony, there were Representative of the Board of Directors of Takco and Representative of the Board of Directors of Feng Tay – Hong Kong Group. Feng Tay Group – the partner highly appreciate Takco in phase I Construction and they has officially permit Takco to commence phase II of this.


Picture: Dona 3D view